studio @ tuscany

a peak into my studio in Lucca, Tuscany. I had the studio from Jun to Jul 2001 for a period of six weeks.

My studio on 06Jun2001. I found the frame but did not use it. 2 days later, it was lightly furnished with found objects.
three weeks later on judgment day 04Jul2001, the room started to look like a studio the painting was finished and it would be time to leave the very first studio in my life....
Amy, our professor was helping us painting the cardboards which we prepared for the Italian studnets that we were teaching a local boy was so interested in Daniel, an 17-year old Italian high school student. Notice his two other female classmates at the back?
the 17-year old Italian senior high students attending the Summer Programme taught by me we had so much fun having classes outdoor!
some lessons were conducted in the classroom top - Italian students were more mature and sophisticated
bottom - architecture was introduced at senior high school level in Italy

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