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Introspection of a SRC lecturer
SRC - Stirling Road Campus, written on Jan 2000

Looking back in time, it seemed like yesterday although ten years had already passed. For some, SRC was a phase closed while others wondered what was this big fuss. To any SRCian, the emptiness echoes the nostalgia of an important phase in the perpetual teaching cycle.

Looking at the old pictures, familiar scenes of SRC life envelope my thoughts. The moments of solitude, the words of encouragement and the simple giving of oneself to another, savoring the building's warmth for therein the creative minds roam free.

Renewing my feelings, I see a bond between the SRC graduates and I.

The days I had spent within the old campus walls are a learning springboard to the sphere of design education in later life. Today amid a new relationship with SRCians, we hope to conquer greater heights, for they have given me the strength to face the new challenges ahead.

Searching for memories, the water bombs and barbecues at the basketball court welled from within; the wet and the smell etched and tingling in my mind where I was quick to drive off in my car under the starring night, only to come back in the morning to hear complaints from people at the canteen.

Searching further, burnt paper lanterns diving from the third storey to the quadrangle field lit up the campus and those young radiant faces busy hanging up lanterns of different shapes and sizes. Beautiful works from overseas found eager and passionate viewers at the foyer; a magical space filled with scholarly thoughts was a balm to many taxing minds.

Saying farewell to SRC life, albeit sad, as the final adios were said. The hearts warmed by the concert, fun, witty, the most creative event dedicated to SRCians, also busy chatting their last mouthfuls in the canteen with friends and lecturers. Most prepared for it for days and the actual adios finally dawned with laughter with wearable art and creative accessories.

Waving farewell to the familiar faces and hiding corners, SRC life but a part remains firmly wrought the design school's spirit. The spirit where no dull students cram dry facts into myopic minds, for SRC was a designer's paradise to quench the thirst of inquisitive minds searching for mentorship not tutorship.

photo credit : Andre Yeo, graduate 94/95

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