r a k u    f i r i n g
b a c k  t o   adventures

At pottery jungle, on a bright Sunday morning on 5 August 2007, we had our usual monthly breakfast at the treehouse. Elke, the German scientist who was on 4-month sabbatical joined us on the raku firing, my 12-year old son also joined us and he was so lucky to have the opportunity to do his very first raku firing......

sunday breakfast group photo conversation
it's work after breakfast loading pieces before firing on the left and after firing
lowering down the drum gas firing covering the top of the drum
hot red pots note change in colour removing the red hot pots
transfer to the saw dust pit from saw dust to water pail rainbow colour finished pieces
my finished bowls reduction taken place interfering colours
different colours second batch my son helping
from saw dust to water pail red when it is hot orange when it is cool

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